Integral Assistance Service to Geriatric Residence

New advisory service in Geriatric Residences

As you know, at Gram Arquitectura we are specialists in the design of Residential Architecture, with special attention by the Geriatric Residences.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the Centers we have designed have been adapting, to a lesser or greater extent, to the new times.

In these hard times that we are experiencing due to the emergence of the pandemic, it is imperative to adapt the residences to the new reality. Therefore, it is especially important to carry out this previous analysis, to identify in time those points that should be updated and / or adapted post-Covid, as well as those aspects of operation that could be optimized, to create more friendly and protected environments.

What is Integral Residence Assistance After Covid-19?

We can advise your management team on all the actions we know will result in a better integration of the Center in this new scenario. Aspects such as ventilation and air renewal, installation of technical gases, implementation of safety protocols…

How can we help you and above all: what is our Service?

It is as easy as contacting us so one of our technicians can meet and conduct a first free study. We will coordinate to assist you as soon as possible, to ensure that your residence adapts to current needs.

Visit our specific page, where we explain in detail what this new Service consists of.

Nuevo servicio a Residencias Geriátricas