Integral Assistance Service to Geriatric Residences

A Safe Architecture for seniors

At Gram Arquitectura we are specialists in the design of Residential Architecture, with special attention by the Geriatric Residences. We develop both new construction and rehabilitation projects, studying from the implementation to the last detail.

We also process legalization of Activities, environmental licences, and adapt residences to current post-Covid needs and regulations, to ensure optimal functioning of them and the well-being of our elders.

We seek to approach the housing model, always maintaining a correct user relationship, and focusing on creating more domestic environments,  so that our elders can live away from home, feeling at home.

In these hard times that we are experiencing due to the emergence of the pandemic, it is imperative to adapt the residences to the new reality. Therefore, it is especially important to carry out this previous analysis, to identify in time those points that should be updated and / or adapted post-Covid, as well as those aspects of operation that could be optimized, to create more friendly and protected environments.

What Is Integral Residence Assistance After Covid-19

The range of things we can help you improve include:

  • Improved ventilation system
  • Resizing or redistribution common areas
  • Installation of technical gases (oxygen, vacuum, …)
  • Adapting lighting levels
  • Re-study of finishes: colors, textures, furniture…

All this, with the common objective of creating a safe home for our elders, approaching the “housing” model to adapt the residences to the new regulations of application in this new scenario.

How can we help you and above all: what is our Service?

It is as easy as contacting us so that one of our technicians can meet and conduct a first free study. We will coordinate to visit you as soon as possible, to ensure that your residence adapts to current needs:


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