Multi-functional. Specialists in all of the phases and requirements of all types of projects. At Gram Arquitectura we conceptualize, design and build all kinds of architectural and engineering projects, turning them into concrete realities. We provide the possibility of having integrated management covering all aspects and levels, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of having a single point of contact. Because we are specialists in building, urban planning and real estate investment projects.

  • NEW: Complete advice on adaptation of Residences to the new Covid-19 scenario.
  • Development, management and transformation of large-scale commercial premises.
  • Advice, drafting, modification and revision of urban planning documents and urban management instruments.
  • Advice in defining industrial and real estate projects.
  • All kinds of building, urban planning, delimitations and site layouts, planimetric surveys and works measurements, value estimates and expert appraisals.
  • Authentication and analysis of documents, queries and requests, reports, expert opinions, rulings, certifications and diagnoses.
  • Technical arbitrations between construction experts.
  • Interior design and landscaping.
  • Procedures to grant activity licences, advice and processing of works permits and trading permits.
  • Development, design, promotion, sale and installation for all kinds of alternative energies.