AREAS Starbucks terrace Barcelona Airport

Location: El Prat Airport, Barcelona T1 air zone, Floor 1, North Courtyard Year: Coming soon

AREAS Piscolabis terrace Barcelona Airport

Location: El Prat Airport, Barcelona T1 air, Floor 1, North Courtyard Year: Coming soon

Burger King in Granollers

Location: 1 Matagalls Street, Granollers, province of Barcelona Year: 2020

Burger King in Esparraguera

Location: CRTA. N-II, Km 581.5, Esparraguera, province of Barcelona Year: 2022

Popeyes in Sepúlveda Street

Location: 183, Sepúlveda Street , Barcelona Year: 2022

Popeyes in Ronda Sant Pere

Location: Ronda Sant Pere 17, Barcelona Year: 2022

La Tagliatella in Valencia

Location: Avenida Tres Cruces, 141, in the city of Valencia Year: 2022

Popeyes in Avda. Albufera

Location: Avenida de la Albufera, 20 in the city of Madrid Year: 2021

Papa John’s in Blasco Ibáñez

Location: Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, nº 138 in Valencia Year: 2021

Papa John’s in Tres Forques

Location: Avenida Tres Forques, nº68, in Valencia Year: 2021

Papa John’s Zaragoza

Location: Av. de Cesáreo Alierta, 37 in Zaragoza. Year: 2022

Popeyes in Josep Tarradellas

Location: Avinguda Josep Tarradellas 138, Barcelona Year: 2022

Tierra Burrito in Boadilla

Location: Avenida de Nuevo Mundo, nº 14,  in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). Year: 2022

Tierra Burrito in Alcorcón

Location: Calle de los Arces, 31, in Alcorcón, Madrid Year: 2021

Tierra Burrito Alcalá

Location: Calle Cerrajeros, nº2, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid Year: 2022

Burger King in Vendrell

Location: Englantina street nº 80, in Vendrell, Tarragona Year: 2021

Cantina Canalla Alcorcón

Location: Calle Alfredo Nobel, in Alcorcón (Madrid)  Year: 2022

Burger King La Farga

Location: Barcelona Street nº2, in the Shopping Center La Farga, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)  Year: 2021

Papa John’s Manuel Laguna

Location: Calle Manuel Laguna, 7, Puente de Vallecas district in Madrid Year: 2021  

Tierra Burrito Carabanchel

Location: Calle Hermanas Alonso Barceló, num.2, Carabanchel district, in Madrid Year: 2022

Burger King in Reus

Location: Avinguda Sant Bernat Calbó, nº 28 in Reus, province of Tarragona Year: 2021

La Tagliatella Les Gavarres

Location: Josep María Folch i Torres Street, nº 4, in the Shopping Center Les Gavarres, […]

Popeyes in Reus

Location: Avinguda Sant Bernat Calbó, nº 28 in Reus, province of Tarragona Year: 2021

Burger King in Ripollet

Location: Carrer de Balmes nº30 in Ripollet (Barcelona) Year: 2020

Burger King in Leganés

Location: Calle Camino de Polvoranca nº26 in Leganés (Madrid) Year: 2019

La Tagliatella Lisbon

Location: Av. Dom Carlos I, nº 42, in Santos district, Lisbon Year: 2019-2020  

Popeyes in Boadilla del Monte

Location: Calle Monte Amor, nº1 in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid Year: 2021

Burger King Toledo

Location: Ave. de Madrid nº39 in los Gavilanes, Toledo Year: 2021

Burger King in Sant Adrià

Location: Rambla Guipúzcoa 46, in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona) Year: 2021  

La Tagliatella in Cascais

Location: R/ Dra Iracy Doyle 40, 2750-427 in Cascais, Portugal Year: 2021

Burger King in Vicálvaro

Location: Carretera Vicálvaro a la Estación O’Donnel, nº11, Madrid Year: 2021

Papa John’s in San Cipriano Madrid

Location: San Cipriano Street, nº 46-48 in the district of Vicálvaro, Madrid Year: 2021

Papa John’s in Sevilla Este

Location: Ave. de Emilio Lemos nº17, in Sevilla Este (Sevilla) Year: 2021

Burger King in Manzanares

Location: Crta N-IV Km 173, in the city of Manzanares (Ciudad Real) Year: 2019

Burger King Glories

Location: Ave. Diagonal, num. 208, in the Shopping Center Glories, Barcelona Year: 2021

Papa John’s in Sant Adrià

Location: Ave. Joan XXIII, num. 12-14, in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barcelona) Year: 2019

Burger King in Castell-Platja d’Aro

Location: Avd. Castell d’Aro, in the city of Castell-Platja d’Aro (Girona) Year: 2019

Popeyes López de Hoyos

Location: Calle López de Hoyos, 153 in Madrid Year: 2020

Papa John’s in Cornellà

Location: Carretera Esplugues, nº169 in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona Year: 2021

Popeyes in Paseo Castellana

Location: Paseo de la Castellana, num. 123, Madrid Year: 2020

Papa John’s Villaverde

Location: Calle Diamante 4, in the district of Villaverde, Madrid Year: 2019  

Burger King in Sabadell

Location: Pla del Fonollar Street, nº 1, Sabadell (Barcelona) Year: 2020

Papa John’s in Coslada

Location: Avenida de la Constitución 85, Coslada (Madrid) Year: 2020

La Tagliatella Diagonal Mar

Location: CC Diagonal Mar, Barcelona Year: 2020

Burger King Gerona

Location: Plaza Salt 3, Gerona Year: 2020

La Chelinda, Barcelona

Location: Enric Granados Street, nº9 Barcelona Year: 2019

La Tagliatella Illa, Barcelona

Location: Shopping Center Illa, Barcelona Year: 2019

Burger King in Santa Perpètua

Location: Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) Year: 2019  

Tim Hortons in Barcelona

Location: Balmes Street, nº2 Barcelona Year: 2019  

KFC Xperience Parque Rioja

Location: Shopping Center Xperience Parque Rioja in Logroño Year: 2019

Papa John’s Valencia

Location: Avenida de Peris y Valero 166, Valencia (Valencia) Year: 2019  

La Tagliatella Olaz

Location: Olaz (Valle de Egües-Navarra) Year: 2019

KFC Llobregat Centre, Cornellà

Location: Shopping Center Llobregat Centre, Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) Year: 2020

Burger King, Palazuelos de Eresma

Location: Palazuelos de Eresma (Segovia) Year: 2019

Burger King, Olías del Rey

Location: Olías del Rey (Toledo) Year: 2019

KFC Diagonal Mar, Barcelona

Location: Shopping Center Diagonal Mar, Barcelona Year: 2018  

Burger King Brunete, Madrid

Location: Brunete (Madrid) Year: 2019    

Burger King Arango Theatre, Gijón

Location: Gijón (Asturias) Year: 2019

AREAS La Pausa, Madrid

Location: Villalba Sur (Madrid) Year: 2018

Blue Frog, Valencia

Location: Valencia Year: 2018

Aqua Body Studio

Location: Barcelona Year: 2014

Viena Vilafranca, Barcelona

Location: Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) Year: 2015  

La Tagliatella Terrassa

Location: Terrassa (Barcelona) Year: 2017  

La Tagliatella Sant Just

Location: Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona) Year: 2017  

Norauto Vilafranca, Barcelona

Location: Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) Year: 2014

Bricomart Terrassa, Barcelona

Location: Terrassa (Barcelona) Year: 2017  

Burger King Barberà

Location: Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) Year: 2014  

Esclat Olot

Location: Olot (Girona) Year: 2015

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